Free weekend ongoing for Tetris Effect

by: Rob -
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I hadn't initially noticed this, already being a proud owner and avid player of this absolute breakout game, but we have a free weekend ongoing for Tetris Effect. Head over to the PSN to download the trial. Tetris Effect is wonderful. It was listed twice on the GN staff's most surprising games of 2018 (one of those by yours truly), another two mentions in our favorite gaming moments, and had a nomination in our games of the year. And as for the official review, we gave it a 9 out of 10. 

It's wonderful, and it's Tetris. Sometimes those two things are hard to correlate in words. A game that, while timeless, you'd never expect to be able to take a leap from the monochromatic screen of a gameboy into VR. You kinda got to see it to realize it, and what better way to do that than on a free weekend?

In addition to the Trial Demo, the full game is also 10 bucks off at $29.99 on the PSN right now. So if you like what you see in the demo, it's a great time to jump in to the full experience. The Trial Demo runs through Tuesday, the 12th of February. I am not sure how long that sale on the full game will last.