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Kingdom Come: Deliverance invokes Henry V with Band of Bastards DLC

by: Randy -
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Though slightly behind on its initial road map, the Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Band of Bastards DLC is out now. Not a diss on them being a little late, either. The vanilla game [Gaming Nexus score 9 out of 10] and the two previous DLCs, From the Ashes [8 out of 10] and The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon [7 out of 10] have run into increasing issues with polish and content. If you couldn't tell by the gradual decline in scoring. Aside from the occasional outlier, most games benefit from having a little more time in the oven. And having Band of Bastards show up on February 5, 2019, instead of before the New Year as originally planned, well, here's to hoping BoB holds itself together.

In Band of Bastards, you resume your role as good ol' Henry. The super okay Sir Radzig Kobyla has another mission for you. An escort mission. Escorting this so-called band of bastards across the lovely Bohemian countryside. Unlike your average escort mission, however, it doesn't look like this group needs your protection. You might have to protect other folks from them

The roads around Rattay are far from safe, so Sir Radzig Kobyla has enlisted the help of an old acquaintance, the impoverished but wily Baron Kuno of Rychwald, and his infamous mercenary band. Radzig sends Henry to guide the band around the territory...and to keep their unbridled appetite for trouble in check. They set out to patrol the province and soon discover that Radzig's sworn enemies from long ago have come to settle old accounts. The rival bands engage in a tit-for-tat war that finally culminates in an inevitable showdown.

Band of Bastards has a combat-oriented quest line with multiple endings. Kuno's Camp is a new location on the map, populated with new characters telling stories. There's even a camp side-activity called "The Ring of Bacchus," so, uh. I can't possibly imagine what could be happening with the Roman god of agriculture, wine, and fertility, but it may have something to do with the developer reaffirming its mature rating on the game. "There are some violence scenes and sexual dialogs" it says on the Steam page's content description. Should also be some sizable fights (10 or 20 guys) packed into its few short hours.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Band of Bastards is out now, February 5, on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.