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The Road Ahead for Destiny 2

by: Rob -
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As detailed in the developer video below and the latest news post on the official site, Bungie is ready to open the lid on their plans for Destiny 2 over the course of the next 9 months. Thankfully, the game is finally back on track and in a state to be embraced. So we can now look forward to moving from strength to strength rather than just the fixing of a broken product which has largely been the story of the last 9 months. 

So what's on tap? 

  • The Black Armory brings new weapons and a weapon system to Destiny 2 on December 4th alongside the first of the weapons forges
  • On December 7th a new Raid will open up
  • Destiny's Christmas themed event, the Dawning, returns December 11th
  • looking further out we've got a power increase planned for each of the next three, 3-month long seasons
  • another Raid opening up in the 3rd season next June
  • and new Gambit rewards to coincide with a new Gambit "experience" next March

Much to do. Eyes up guardian.