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Hilarious God of War blooper reel is a reminder of how hard it is to make games

by: Randy -
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Ok, this video is funny. It's a video of some of the bugs that God of War experienced while in development. Starting with the boy, Atreus, it looks at a "perfect example of the bizarre s*** happening with the kid's face. That's some creepy, like, Fringe s*** right there. That's like Hellraiser," says Cory Barlog, Creative Director. And it just gets funnier from there, looking into combat, wacky cinematics. All of it is just a great reminder of how stuff goes wrong during video game development, and the developers just have to become programmer-detectives in order to figure out what's even going on with their animations.

Watch to the very end. I'm laugh-crying right now.

God of War is a PS4 exclusive and launched on 4/20 earlier this year. This video is an offhanded reminder that you'll be seeing this one appear on a lot of game-of-the-year lists in the coming months. Heck, I gave it my second-highest score all year.