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Sea of Thieves release notes for Cargo Runs and new Developer Update

by: Dan -
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 Today is the day that the new Cargo Runs are being added to Sea of Thieves.  In fact, the servers just came back online and the release notes have been published, so its time to see what exactly we are getting within this 1.3.1 patch.

Running through the notes, in addition to the Cargo Runs, other updates in the release include Skeleton Ship Rewards, Rowboat Damage, Stuck Rowboats and Athena's Fortune Voyages.  In addition, there are 29 bug fixes listed, but there are still four known issue stat have not yet been addressed.  One item to note, you will need some space to update the game, here are the official patch sizes for download:

  • Xbox One:    1.37GB
  • Xbox One X: 1.37GB
  • Windows 10: 502MB

For full details on the Updates, Bug Fixes and known issues, check after the jump.

Rare also dropped a new Developer Update with Executive Director Joe Neate, discussing this update and the strategy moving forward on testing, releases, bugs and so forth.  really worth a listen to the 10+ minute video to understand where the game and Pioneer program is at moving forward, including the Festival of the Damned that will be the next update. 


Release Notes

Ahoy pirates!

This week's update introduces Cargo Runs to the Sea of Thieves, alongside many fixes and quality of life improvements. Forsaken Shores will continue to run through to our next update, at which point the time-limited cosmetics will no longer be available to earn, but the rest is here to stay!



  • Cargo Runs - These voyages offer an alternative way to climb the ranks of the Merchant Alliance. Obtain a contract, find out who's waiting with the cargo, grab it and go! Don't dawdle or damage the goods if you want the full reward when you reach your destination. The Merchants have standards...
  • Skeleton Ship Rewards - Skeleton Captain-led ships at the end of ship battles now give four Skeleton Captain Chests and four Skeleton Captain Skulls instead of two each.
  • Rowboat Damage - Increased damage now taken by Rowboats from Gunpowder Barrels.
  • Stuck Rowboats - You can now push Rowboats that are stuck underneath things such as piers.
  • Athena's Fortune Voyages - Cargo Runs are now always included as part of Athena's Fortune voyages.

Fixed Issues

  • Rowboats now cast appropriate reflections in water.
  • Rowboats no longer get damaged when detaching from a ship.
  • Player sitting in the middle of the Rowboat can now see players sitting at the back of the Rowboat.
  • Removed overlapping audio when rowing.
  • Damaged Rowboats no longer appear pristine upon returning to them after venturing far away.
  • Rowboats no longer inherit damage decals from other sources (such as damaged ships or shipwrecks) when in close vicinity.
  • Looking as far left/right as possible whilst rowing a Rowboat will no longer result in the camera becoming occasionally unlocked and rotating 360 degrees.
  • When placing larger items on the Rowboat, water splash VFX will no longer occur.
  • Audio when rowing a Rowboat over large distances (especially the squeaking) is now less repetitive.
  • Available titles now show up in the clothing shop on Morrow's Peak Outpost.
  • Fixed issue with horizontal water planes being cut off whilst a ship is sinking.
  • Players no longer get permanently drunk when migrating servers whilst holding the Chest of a Thousand Grogs.
  • Players should no longer get an unfinishable riddle quest on Fetcher's Rest.
  • Audio will no longer drop out when climbing the ladder onto a Brigantine.
  • View Gamer Card option under Crew Settings will now respond correctly to a left mouse click.
  • Geysers will no longer appear on top of chests.
  • Flooding at the back of a Sloop will appear visually correct when sinking.
  • The ocean will appear completely black when a Kraken encounter begins.
  • Looking through the scope of an Eye of Reach will no longer trigger the sound effect multiple times.
  • Upon loading into a session, the loading music will now commence as soon as the loading screen appears.
  • Sailing away from your ship on a Rowboat will no longer cause a mermaid to spawn.
  • The ocean will no longer appear separated from the sky when viewing the horizon from within a storm.
  • The glow of the Kraken lantern will no longer appear too bright in HDR.
  • Sail ropes will no longer appear disjointed from the sails when a player returns from the Ferry.
  • There is no longer a gap at the bottom of the volcano on Devil’s Thirst.
  • Collision has been corrected on the Devil’s Thirst volcano so players can no longer fall into the model.
  • Player will no longer temporarily lose access to some ship barrels if their first banana, plank or cannonball of the session is washed up or given to them.
  • Available titles now correctly appear in the clothing shop on Morrow's Peak Outpost.
  • Titles will no longer incorrectly appear on Seaposts.

Known Issues

  • Oars can appear to disconnect from the Rowboat along with the player, only visible in third-person.
    We have a fix for this coming in the next update.
  • Migrating servers (indicated by the on-screen riddle) with a message in a bottle or barrel map in your map radial will prevent any in-progress voyages from counting towards Commendation objectives.
    We have a fix for this coming in the next update.
  • Merchant Alliance crates on board a ship that sinks will not float to the surface and cannot be picked up.
    We are working on a fix for this issue.
  • Mermaid Statues have been temporarily disabled due to performance issues.
    Improvements to this are being investigated, and the intention is to re-enable these as soon as possible.

Download and Installation

Download size:

Xbox One: 1.37GB
Xbox One X: 1.37GB
Windows 10: 502MB