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Help Wanted: Cargo runs coming to Sea of Thieves

by: Dan -
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Rare keeps working on Sea of Thieves to keep players interested, and the latest just may bring back one GN staffer back from the American Highways and into the game.  As outlined on Twitter today and detailed in a post on the official site, Cargo Run challenges are coming to the game this week. 

As part of the live content update for this week,  you can pick up Cargo Runs contracts at the Merchant Alliance and follow standard voting process.  If you choose to accept the contract, you will be informed who is waiting on it and whether they are at an outpost or one of the newly established Seasposts.  Head to that location and they will tell you where it needs to go.

One item of note, much like The Devil's Roar, cargo can be a bit of a handful, so rowboats are your friend.  Take a look at the official Sea of Thieves Behind the Scenes video on Cargo runs as explained by Rare Sr Designer Shelly Preston and Lead Engineer James Thomas.