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Poland's Promised Land Art Festival Is Underway

by: Domenic -
More On: The Witcher



Promised Land is an art festival in Poland that brings together professionals working in film, gaming, and other creative industries, and 2018's has officially begun!

The festival serves as a forum for the exchange of knowledge, experience, networking, and to help bridge the gap between digital and traditional arts. This event plays host to an array of activities that range from Q&A sessions, to demonstrations, workshops, and talks. An official breakdown from the event's website is listed below.

  • 50 hours of lectures, discussion panels, and Meet the Artist sessions;
  • 30 hours of workshops and masterclasses in digital art using cutting-edge creative software;
  • 12 hours of sculpting workshops with world-renowned sculptors;
  • 18 hours of live drawing sessions with professional models.

The festival's activities will be contributed to by speakers from some of the most well known companies in both gaming and film industries (Ubisoft, Capcom, Blizzard Entertainment).

This festival is the result of hard work and coordination by the city of Lodz, Poland and CD PROJEKT RED, better known as the creators of The Witcher video game franchise.

This festival seems like an extremely fun place to flock to for enthusiasts of graphic design, art, and individuals eager to break into the video game industry or showcase their talent and knowledge.