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God of War has never been more human

by: Randy -
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God of War is coming. And while he's coming for your rage-induced axe combat skills, and your awesome Nordic fantasy armor sets, he's also coming for your feels. See, Kratos is a dad now. Well, he was a dad before, but this time his role as a father isn't just the preamble for turning Kratos into an angry guy meme. Now the relationship between Kratos, a father, is inextricably tied to his son, Atreus, in the puzzle-laden and combat-heavy gameplay and exploration.

This video talks to Cory Barlog, creative director. Barlog details how Kratos has hit rock bottom, has always blamed others for his troubles, and is now taking the unexpected step of redeeming the sheer antagonism and anti-heroism his entire mythology and character is built upon. It is a long and powerful journey. There are so many ways this story could've failed—and failed hard. But the story succeeds in every way.

God of War [Gaming Nexus score 9.5 out of 10] boggles the mind. It's brutal. It's beautiful. It's one of my top games of the last 12 months, easy. Kratos is a god, an all-around jerk, and a killing machine. But he's also never been more human, more open, and more strategic, whether it's timing axe throws to unlock treasure chests or racking up kills with more combat skills and abilities than I can possibly remember in the middle of a troll/witch/giant battle.

Put the game in your shopping cart. It launches this Friday, April 20 on PS4.