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Massive Damage Inc: Live, die, repeat in Star Renegades

by: Randy -
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This one's going on my wishlist. Star Renegades is (take a breath) a squad-based tactical-combat rogue-lite role-playing game. (That wasn't so bad, I guess.) From the makers of Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander [GN score 8.8 out of 10], Star Renegades once again taps a stellar 16-bit art team for a gorgeously pixelated assembly of characters and locations. It's an endless galactic war between a rebel faction and its authoritarian overlord, fighting the good fight. You'll see the Star Wars influences immediately. Ain't nothin' wrong with that. Although it also looks like the rebels are, of course, outgunned and outmanned.

That's okay. It's a rogue-lite. You can just bring in more cannon fodder, throwing rebel troops against the evil empire until that totalitarian regime falls. Or doesn't. And you attempt one more time. "Try, try again" is the rogue-lite motto. Star Renegades's motto is actually "Resist. Reclaim. Revive. Repeat." But you get the point. The RPG-ness comes into play as members of your squad rank up and carry forward their battlefield know-how. Also, judging by one screenshot inside a space bar (get it? Space bar?) that doesn't tell me much in particular, except that there are opportunities for rest, relaxation, and maybe a little romance.

Star Renegades is coming soon to PC, no release date yet, and no talk of early access.