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Sex doll maker RealDoll put something in this $375 Inside Collector's Edition

by: Randy -
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There's an Inside collector's edition coming out, and it's distressing, and I have to get my hands on it—if it doesn't get its goopy, gross hands on me first. Details from developer Playdead are intentionally sparse. Inside the Inside collector's edition you'll find:

  • PS4 game disc for Inside
  • Steam keys for both Inside and Limbo (emailed to customers at point of purchase)
  • "And some other stuff for $375"

But here's the kicker: RealDoll, makers of, uh, silicone sex dolls, was involved in the making of this collector's edition. I'm guessing that's where most of the "other stuff for $375" is coming from.

But seriously, RealDoll? They've been a sketchy punchline in the Gaming Nexus Slack channel for so long that we were still on GroupMe when they started.

I have to know what's in the box. It's safe to assume it won't be anything from RealDoll's Lars and the Real Girl line. But it is safe to assume it'll be horrifyingly human-feeling.

Anyway, if you haven't played Inside, goodness gracious please do, in order to figure out why we gave it one of our rare perfect scores. Personally, it's one of the reasons why 2016 was the best year in video gaming in a decade, as opposed to the more popular opinion that 2017 was.

The Inside Collector's Edition will go live on March 8 on But this is a US-only limited edition, with quantity determined by how many total orders are placed between Thursday, March 8 at 7 a.m. PST and Friday, June 8, at 11:59 p.m. PST. That's a three-month window. After that date, the Inside Collector's Edition will be off the market and, presumably, all the silicone that RealDoll is putting into this creation can go back to making Solana sex robots.

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