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PSVR bundles $100 off again

by: Rob -
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Sony continues to try and get their gear in consumer's hands, which can only mean good things for those of us already invested. The key to VR succeeding, especially PSVR, is from large scale player adoption. PC based VR has a number of uses outside of the gaming space both in the pipeline and that are already being realized. But console VR depends on top game developers taking on the new technology and doing more with it than just tech demos. As Sony continues to get more headsets in living rooms the incentives for the developers to do this becomes more and more likely. 

So Sony's latest discount are again welcome in my book. Sony's official site details the discounts which start Sunday and run through the 3rd of March. Available at GameStop, Walmart, Best Buy, and Target:

  • The most basic Gran Tourismo bundle starts at just $199. It includes the PSVR headset, PS Camera, and the game. It's a good entry point for VR, but see the note in the next bullet point about the headset.
  • The Doom VFR bundle swaps out the games from the above and charges $100 more. What this means is that the PSVR headset models in the bundles are the same as over the holidays. The GT bundle is coming with the first edition and this Doom and the Skyrim ones below are bundled with the second generation headset. What that means is, if you own a PS4 Pro and HDR passthrough is a big deal for you, then the 2nd generation headset is a convenience. With the 1st get set you would have to unplug the unit to get the HDR to your TV, but the 2nd gen unit has HDR passthrough built in. The only other change is that the 2nd gen units have a more conveniently placed headphone jack. 
  • The there is that Skyrim bundle. 2nd gen headset, PS Camera, game, and 2 motion controllers, $349.

Truth be told the 1st and 3rd bundles are the best value. The Doom VFR doesn't make a lot of sense, because it's a subpar experience on PSVR and for $50 more it's worth having the motion controllers that so many other titles rely on. Or there is the cheap option of just getting into the space at the lowest entry point. Either way, VR is the new hotness and has the potential to do some amazing things in gaming. Hopefully it will stick around long enough to realize that potential. The more on board, the better that outlook gets.