Grab a free copy of CastleStorm VR with an Out of Ammo pre-order

by: Eric -
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So, you have a new PS VR unit, and you have worked your way through the demo disc. Now you're wondering what else you can play with your shiny new toy.

Well, in addition to all of the great games now on sale in the PlayStation Store, Zen Studios is offering a pretty good deal for PS VR fans.

If you pre-order Zen's new RTS/shooter title Out of Ammo, Zen is kicking in a free copy of CastleStorm VR. CastleStorm is a combination of Angry Birds style destruction and strategic building and planning. See our review of the GearVR version here. With both titles retailing at $14.99, the buy one get one sale is quite a good deal!

And don't forget to snag your free copy of Until Dawn: Rush of Blood from Playstation Plus while you are poking around the VR games.  It's a dark, twisted blast!