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Destiny 2: Gameplay footage of getting back your Light

by: Randy -
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SPOILER WARNING: This footage captures some more locations, storyline dialogue, and mission objectives that were not shown in the Destiny 2 open beta. 

This video continues where my previous left off. And here's where we get into some more meat, when it comes to you losing the Light, and then heading into a mission to get back the Light. It's a big, big moment. 

With Hawthorne, The Farm's overseer, piping into your earpiece, you slip past a crack in a wall into the Dark Forest. Ooh, scary. But it is quite dead, so the name is fitting. You'll deal with a scattering of Fallen soldiers that've made the Dark Forest their home, even though regular folks haven't wanted to go near the place for years. It's dark, it's misty, it gorgeous in its own right.

And it's where you get back the Light, after struggling for several in-game days (weeks?) without it. When heading into this mission, you still don't have the Light. You don't have a double jump. You barely have any weapons. Your Ghost can't resurrect you if you die. It's bleak. So once you travel to this shard of The Traveler, you're given one of those Hell Yeah empowering gameplay moments.

It's when you're introduced to your new subclass, too. I'm a Warlock, so my new subclass is Dawnblade. That's the footage you'll see here. I get a flaming sword that I can throw all around the battlefield. The Titan's new subclass is the Sentinel. You're basically Captain America now with a glowy shield that you can throw around, too. And Hunters get the new Arcstrider subclass. It's dope. Straight up Jedi-with-a-glowing-spear action. If I hadn't already brought forward my Warlock from Destiny 1, I would've rerolled with a Hunter Arcstrider in Destiny 2.

Again, if you've already got your PS4 or Xbox One copy of Destiny 2 downloaded and ready to rock, the servers are up n' at 'em, ahead of the scheduled midnight launch.