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Destiny 2: Look who's got The Speaker, meet Hawthorne, head into the EDZ

by: Randy -
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SPOILER WARNING: This Destiny 2 footage captures cinematics, characters, locations, etc., that weren't shown in the open beta.

This gameplay video (which I captured at lunchtime) is about 30 or 45 full minutes into the game. It skips the intro Homecoming mission that was available during the PS4, Xbox One, and PC open betas. I figure you've already seen all that. It also skips through an interesting bit of scripting that details your escape from the Last City, after Ghaul and his Red Legion come in and wreck the place.

So this starts after you've limped away into the wilderness for a bit. You've been following a friendly radio signal. It takes you out in the mountains. You are then introduced to a woman named Hawthorne and her hawk, Louis. 

Then there's a full cinematic cutscene with Ghaul. These are pretty new to Destiny as a whole. All the criticism about Destiny 1 having not enough story, or an incoherent story (considering what was there), is being remedied through these cinematics. Did "The Darkness" seem like a vague and unworthy enemy before? You're correct. It was. So, that's why we have a very specific, very motivated antagonist in Destiny 2. Ghaul speaks with his mentor. We learn some of his ignoble (to us) motivations. And then we get to see what's become of The Speaker.

After that, I run around The Farm, your new home, for a few minutes, taking in the sights. Then head up to the overseer of The Farm, Hawthorne. She hooks you up with your first real mission. A mission to head out to a broken shard from The Traveler. It's time to get your Light back.

Destiny 2 officially launches tonight on PS4 and Xbox One at midnight Eastern, 9 p.m. Pacific. Although, if you've already got your code downloaded or a physical copy, then you can hop in right now—the servers are already up and open for business.