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Cities: Skylines rounds out console launches by finally making it to PS4

by: Randy -
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Cities: Skylines launches on PlayStation 4 on August 15, in about two weeks.

Cities: Skylines is the 2015 city builder that usurped the crown from SimCity (2013). That was on PC. Now, after a few months on Xbox One, Cities: Skylines makes its way to PS4. Any other city-building games on console can go ahead and jump back. I mean, I think there's Tropico, or whatever. But ignore that. Cities: Skylines is by far the biggest and the best construction and management sim out there right now, and the PS4 version comes with the After Dark expansion, so that's nice. I don't think any other game makers are really contesting that, not for modern city builders anyway. (I've had a lot of freezing-and-starving-to-death fun in medieval-builder Banished, but that's another story.)

Anyway, Cities: Skylines is available for pre-order in the PlayStation Store, if you want to add to the five-star ratings on there. It's super weird that you can rate a game on the PS Store before a game launches, but what are ya gonna do? You're rating your anticipation and the pre-order process, I guess.

If you're starved for a city-builder game—and if you're on console, you certainly are—then Cities: Skylines comes with our highest recommendation. 

Again, Cities: Skylines launches on PS4 on August 15.