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A fantastical sports RPG sounds weird, but Pyre could pull it off

by: Randy -
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Some of the biggest-selling role-playing games on the planet are sports games. Sure, they don't have the dungeons and dragons of a Tides of Numenera or a Divinity: Original Sin, but they're RPGs nonetheless, with their character abilities and skill progression.

But what if, instead of sports adopting RPG elements, an RPG adopted sports elements? We're about to find out with Pyre. From the makers of Bastion and Transistor comes a party-based role-playing game where the characters are players in an intergalactic game of imprisonment and freedom. This is the third video game from Supergiant Games. They're about to make it three for three.

You can see the artistic merit at work. You can hear the musicians composing their hearts out. You can see the oil-slick gameplay moving side to side. The charm and the challenge go hand in hand. You can feel an old world that has been built and rebuilt, time and time again.

Pyre launches next week, July 25, on PC and PS4.