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Kingdom Come arrives the day before Valentine's Day 2018

by: Randy -
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The more I see of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, the more I fall in love. It's got that Eastern European developer vibe, like it's unwilling to ever completely hold your hand. It's got a Witcher 3 look, but pared down, simpler, hardier. It's even got a story of revenge and family honor. Fantasy and sci-fi rule the roost when it comes to video game aesthetics. But historical realism definitely deserves some time to shine—and I'm starting to think that Kingdom Come is the game to do it.

We're introduced to a sword of stellar craftsmanship. No, it's not some shovel-sized Final Fantasy blade. It's not shining blue when orcs are near, or sparking off with magical fire at our darkest hour. It's simply got the heft, feel, and keen edge of a smithy's finest work.

You're left for dead. This blade was taken from you. So, guess whose job it is to get it back?

A dry wit comes into play in the writing, too. Like the sword handler that's says, "I might teach you how to handle a sword, then someone will shoot you with a crossbow." A little gallows humor goes a long way, I never say, but will start saying from now on.

Seriously, this story is massive, it's romantic, it's vengeful, it's dire, it's hopeful. I'll need to get my hands on it to know, but just these first glimpses make me hopeful that it has the makings of a minor masterpiece.

The very end of the trailer quietly sneaks in a February 13, 2018, launch date. That's eight months away. I've got my eyes on this prize. Now to decide whether to get it on PC, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One.