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Kingdom Come: Deliverance looks like a way more realistic Witcher 3

by: Randy -
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Kingdom Come: Deliverance is indeed coming, and it's the first open-world role-playing game since The Witcher 3 [GN score: 9.8/10] that's getting my full, undivided attention. Such a comparison may be a little too apt, since both games have very Bohemian roots, meaning, they're very Central European in design and aesthetic, and they've both got a dirty, lived-in, post-war feel.

The difference is, Kingdom Come doesn't have time for your high-fantasy silver swords and mythological monstrous compendium. It starts in 1403, taking place smack dab in the middle of the medieval Holy Roman Empire. The weapons are realistic. The armor is realistic. And it's likely we'll find out that humans are the real monsters after all.

You'll play the son of a blacksmith, your family murdered by an invading army. The invading army usurps your kingdom's throne. And little ol' you—who is very much not a witcher or any other fully trained combatant, knight or otherwise—will RPG your way up skill trees and ability scores, dealing with hunger and sleep, weapon crafting (you are the son of a blacksmith, after all), and weapons degradation. So there are some survival sim elements thrown in there for good measure, just so your travels across what's now the Czech Republic aren't too cushy.

This trailer gives you a bird's eye view of the Bohemian landscape. You'll even feel the realism in its reconstruction of that geographic area, too. They're making good use of the CryEngine. I just hope they've got solid writers on board to drive this deliver-me-from-mine-enemies narrative.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is due sometime here in 2017 on PC. They're also working on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions, though no release date is confirmed for those either.