Absolver out on Aug 29, shows off sweet moves in Combat Overview video

by: Dan C -
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Developed by Sloclap and published by Devolver Digital, Absolver is parrying its way to PlayStation 4 and PC on August 29th, 2017. When a player (or "prospect") first enters the world of Adal, they will have to choose from one of three starting combat styles. Although there are more combat styles to be discovered, every prospect will choose from the same three at the beginning of their journey:

  • "Kahlt Method" focuses on allowing the prospect to absorb attacks and avoid being stunned.
  • "Forsaken" - the most balanced of the three starting styles - gives a prospect the ability to parry their opponent and stun them.
  • "Windfall" puts emphasis on dodging enemy strikes, allowing the prospect to execute a jarring counter attack when an evasion is successful.

We're also introduced to the Combat Deck. This is the the prospect's inventory of attacks. A deck is compromised of four stances, and each stance gives access to different strikes. Prospects will have to customize their Combat Deck in order to excel in battle.

New attacks can be unlocked during combat, or by finding a mentor. By finding a mentor and staying loyal to them, prospects will gain access to more skill and knowledge than they could without one.

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