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For Honor public beta coming Feb 9 -12

by: Chuck -
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If you didn't get into the For Honor closed beta last weekend you're in luck as Ubisoft announced an open beta for the game will run from February 9th-12th.  

During the beta you will get a chance to try out the Elimination and Domination modes that I previewed last month as well as the duel and brawl modes with nine of the twelve playable characters.  If you want to see how the domination mode works you can watch me play the game poorly in the video below.

The beta will also continue the War of the Factions that was started during the closed beta which will allow players to earn some points that will continue into the launch of the game.

Personally I think this is a great move as For Honor is a game that people need a while to learn and get used to and having a big open beta ahead of the launch of the game is a great way to allow people to try it before they buy it.

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