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Galactic Civilization III gets a patch and a sale

by: Chuck -
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Galactic Civilizations III is one of the best 4X games on the market and today Stardock released a huge patch that implements a large number of balance tweaks, UI updates, and an overhaul of the AI behind the diplomacy system.  The new AI will "redline" interactions with the player to better evaluate their fairness and viability which should make dealith with computer controlled opponents much more interesting.

The patch also adds Administrators which are now required to build star bases.  The number of admins that you start with will be proportional to the size of your universe but you will be able to train more through the government section of the tech tree.  Personally I'm not a fan of adding more administration to anything but we'll see what the long term effects on the game are.

To celebrate the patch Stardock is knocking 60% of the price off the core game on Steam or 73% off the Gold version of the game.  This reduces the price to $13.59 and $29.83 respectively and is a steal for such a great game.