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Last chance for free demo of Nioh on for this weekend

by: Rob -
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In addition to yesterday's news that the first 3 hours of Watch Dogs 2 have been made available to all PS4 gamers through a Free Trial, it's your last chance to get a taste of Team Ninja's Dark Souls inspired Nioh. The Free Demo is available now through the PSN as a 7.5 GB download but won't be playable until the weekend, January 21-22. There is in-game loot attached to the demo so in addition to getting a chance to check it out you can also score the Ogress Headgear available from completing the main mission and the Mark of the Conqueror and Mark of the Strong, previous loot available from the Alpha and Beta and won through the Twilight Mission. 

So get downloading now and while you wait for the weekend, check out our hands on preview of Nioh.

As for Watch Dogs 2, it requires a full download, all events are open, and all progress earned in the limited time will carry over with a purchase to unlock the full game. The PS4 trial lasts through the 24th, when the trial will switch over to Xbox One.

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