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The Flame in the Flood gets January 17 PS4 launch date

by: Randy -
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The Flame in the Flood nailed down its PlayStation 4 launch date. It'll be Tuesday, January 17, less than two weeks away. The trailer announcing the official launch date is the same video they showed a month ago. But it's still a good showcase of the procedurally generated river, however. Its denizens, dangers, folk rock aesthetic, a-girl-and-her-dog gameplay, and raft of a backpack.

I'm uncertain why The Flame in the Flood [GN score: 8 out of 10] didn't get talked about more in 2016. I'll have to find out for myself. Although our own Rob Larkin was impressed by how the game shook him of any hoarding tendencies he had, and he liked how the river adventure always pushed him to want to make it to just one more camp.

The Flame in the Flood is coming to PlayStation 4 on January 17.

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