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The games of 2017 that game developers really want to play

by: Randy -
More On: Titanfall 2 Overwatch Hitman The Church in the Darkness Battlefield 1 Horizon Zero Dawn

Video game critics like to speculate on whether game developers take notes on each others games. Like, which developer is picking up on the gun feel and mini soap operas of team-based shooter Overwatch? Which developer is learning that singleplayer FPS campaigns can still earn you awards, as was the case for Battlefield 1 [Gaming Nexus score 9 out of 10] and Titanfall 2 [another 9 out of 10]? And who's all like, "Wait, does Hitman prove that episodic content is still a workable idea outside of Telltale adventures?"

Well, Sony reached out to dozens of video game developers across the globe. Sony asked what games developers are looking forward to in 2017. And while, I'm sure, plenty of these devs and their games are too late in the game to change up what they're doing, it's still fun to see what ideas are taking up mindshare for them.

Horizon Zero Dawn is hard to ignore for most developers that responded. Turns out that the makers of Killzone have quite a vision for a post-societal world of red-headed protagonists and robo-dinos. Devs from Rise of the Tomb Raider to Yooka-Laylee are watching that one. And there's been exactly one trailer out for Red Dead Redemption 2, but it's on the radar for devs from XCOM 2, Mass Effect Andromeda, and UFC 2. But on a smaller scale, I'm glad that The Banner Saga studio is watching for The Church in the Darkness. I mean, somebody's gotta keep their eye on 1970's South American missionaries and their evangelistic Jonestown cults, right? Besides, the one and only GLaDOS is taking lead on that one.

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