Titanfall 2 finally gets a single player trailer

by: Chuck -
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Respawn talked a bit about their single player campaign for Titanfall 2 earlier this month but today saw the first trailer for the single player portion of the game.  

The trailer really plays up the relationship between the pilot (Jack Cooper) and his Titan (BT) and you find that Jack was not the original pilot for BT as he goes the Hal Jordan path of becoming his pilot.  The game then shows that you'll be fighting a new alien race who has a planet destroying weapon of some sort.  

The trailer doesn't look bad but there is some interesting new canon being laid out with how pilots are bonded to their Titans.  This make sense in the single player portion of the game but stretches a bit in the multiplayer portion where you can go a few titans in a single round.  The early buzz on the single player portion of the game has been positive and I'm hoping the game delivers when it comes out at the end of the month.

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