Titanfall 2 single player vision emerges

by: Rob -
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I enjoyed the original Titanfall more than I probably should have. It was a solid idea that was fun to play when you could get a game going. It was a curious decision to leave out a single player mode entirely, and in ways exacerbated many of the issues on PC with insanely long matchmaking because there was no other option to load into. Titanfall 2 is coming and a single player mode is finally shipping with the game. I'm really hoping it fleshes out the backstory that the first could only really hint at and expands upon the world that seemed intriguing in the snippets that were available in the original. If the following video is anything to go on, it certainly will bring an entire new dimension to the storytelling by going in depth with your character and their relationship with their Titan, as well as presenting all sorts of environment, puzzles, and encounters that don't lend themselves to a multiplayer only experience. 

Titanfall 2 releases October 28th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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