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Quick looks at how the Kensei, Raider and Warden will hurt you in For Honor

by: Randy -
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Ubisoft is heading into uncharted territory, for Ubisoft, anyway. For Honor is a team-based shooter, except instead of a shooter, it's a team-based hack n' slash. At first, I felt lukewarm on the topic. But For Honor is starting to drive its point home. Trailer after trailer, it's looking grittier, grimier and harder hitting. Those hitboxes are looking tight, like these aren't just pixels tapping at each other; I'm starting to feel the ground beef taking a beating from these axes and swords.

For the sake of clarity, For Honor features one-on-one curb stomping between the three classes. There's the Kensei, the Raider and the Warden, otherwise known as the samurai, the viking and the knight.

For Honor is primarily a multiplayer game, but, avoiding any complaints, Ubisoft is at work on a singleplayer campaign, too. Those singleplayer campaigns are nice to have around when online multiplayer counts are low, or if you'd like to get some sword-swinging practice without dealing with the general public when you're just trying to learn what the A and B buttons do.

The "Heroes Series" videos below give you about 90 seconds of the camera focusing in on each class.

Still five months out, For Honor hits PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on February 14, 2017--Valentine's Day.