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Quantum Break Steam and retail release pushed out to 9/29/16

by: Dan -
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Quantum Break and Quantum Break: Timeless Collector’s Edition were originally supposed to be released on Steam on 9/14/16, but THQ Nordic sent along word today that the game will be delayed a bit.  Although it originally made its way onto the Windows Store, its steam release was highly anticipated by many PC gamers after the game showed well on the Xbox One earlier this year.  The new release is scheduled for 9/29/16, and the reason provided by THQ Nordic was a short and sweet two-line paragraph that pretty much blames the Timeless Collector's Edition retail version:

Due to additional time required for mastering and manufacturing the Quantum Break - Timeless Collector’s Edition for retail, the decision has been made to move the release to September 29th. This concerns both, the Steam version, as well as the retail edition.

Honestly, if you were waiting for the game it always stinks to have something delayed, but after the fiasco that was No Mans Sky, I think that getting it right is always better than getting it out there knowing it isn’t what it should be.

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