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The Firewatch Audio Tour is the director commentary I never knew I needed so badly

by: Randy -
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One of the best adventure games of the year, Firewatch [GN score 9.5], is getting the Xbox One treatment. In less than three weeks—on September 21, to be exact—Xbox One players can accept that summer job manning a fire lookout tower. In the Wyoming wilderness. In 1989.

For everyone that's already played the emotional, rough-and-tumble, adult-lives-are-messy non-romance, an update is coming ("soon") which adds "The Firewatch Audio Tour" director commentary. 

Heck yes I will play through Firewatch again with audio commentary switched on. It's such a perfect idea that I can't believe I haven't been clamoring for it this whole time.

So grab your handheld radios, folks. Firewatch is coming to Xbox One on September 21. And the audio commentary is on its way.

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