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Remedy is working on two new games, neither of which is a new Alan Wake game

by: Chuck -
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Remedy Entertainment posted a "State of the Studio" e-mail on their website this morning to update fans as to what the studio is working on.  The first bit is that they are going to continue to support Quantum Break, the exceedingly awesome time travel game that they released earlier this year.  

The second bit of news is that the company is expanding their operations and will now be working on two games simultaneously.    One of these games is a new game that has been in development for a while with an unnamed partner and the second is in the early concept phase.  Neither of the games is a new Alan Wake game.  Remedy is exploring other opportunities to tell new Alan Wake stories but didn't leave any details in the post.

With E3 starting this weekend I'm hopeful that we'll get some word on one of these two new titles but honestly we are probably a year or so out from getting any detail on what Remedy is cooking.  

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