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Let's check out some Street Fighter V mods..... safe for work of course

by: Nathan -
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So, Guile has made his debut in Street Fighter V and I have been playing a lot of the game lately. I also have the PC version of the game which of course allows for the use mods and the community has been quick to release some really cool mods for the game. The people over at /r/StreetFighterMods also have a great index of a bunch of mods that are currently available.

The other great thing about mods this time around is that the subreddit also has a great tool called "Yet Another Tool To Automate Mod Managing" or yattaMM for short. To use this tool all you have to do is download it and then locate your Street Fighter V folder in Steam. The tool will do all the work for you. Just download the mod you want, click install in the program and all the work is done. You can also download multiple mods and easily disable or enable the ones you want in the game via the tool. I have been using this tool and so far I have had no problems whatsoever, unlike Street Fighter IV where I had to deal with constant crashes.

Just for fun, let's take a look at just a few of the mods that are currently available for the game.... safe for work mods of course. 

M. Bison - Q is one of those Street Fighter characters that has only made an appearance in one game, that being Street Fighter III: Third Strike, but if you really want to play as him in Street Fighter V, this will have to do. The "Q as M. Bison" mod by PFUnk will turn M. Bison into the Third Strike character himself. 

Vega - "When all is drenched in blood, I will finally experience bliss..." and yes he does as the "Blood Rain Claw" mod from Bloody Rain turns Vega into something that looks like a Freddy Krueger or Jason Voorhees after the bodies start piling up.  

Necalli - Don't like Necalli's dreadlocks? The "Shaved Head" mod by bajmwill remove said hair and Necalli can rock a bald head. Honestly, I think this looks more badass than his normal look. 

R-Mika - R Mika has a really cool mod called the "Team Muscle Spirit" mod by Sp00kyFox and this mod replaces Nadeshiko with Zangief in her into, outro, her V-Skill and her critical art. 

Cammy - Well I found a "Barefoot Cammy" mod by BrutalAce and I guess you could consider this a swimsuit mod? I mean, her default outfit is basically a one piece suit anyways. Just use your imagination and think she is just leaving the pool area or she just finished walking on the beach... or if you are into this kinda thing, well here you go. She does also have a very cool "Decapre" mod by moddah, so if you are really missing Decapre, you can use this mod until she makes her return to the game. If she does.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for Street Fighter V mods so check back in future installments when I round up some of the coolest mods I have found for the game. Safe for work mods of course.