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Guile prepares for launch in Street Fighter V

by: Jeremy -
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Capcom plans on living up to their pledge of adding one new fighter a month to Street Fighter V up through the Summer. The Capcom Unity Blog has revealed that April’s addition will be series staple Guile, with an all new uniform and that same, classic attitude.

The biggest change to Guile, in addition to the new look, is the inclusion of a new ability that is being referred to as the Faultless Move. This is a mobile, crouching position for Guile, which gives playes the ability to move while maintaining their charge for either a Sonic Boom or a Flash / Somersault Kick. The character will also be accompanied by the release of the game’s first downloadable stage, which is an updated version of Guile’s Air Force Base. The stage is being released in the shop for 70,000 fight money, although Season Pass holders will be able to grab it for free.

Guile will be available for free to start, until Capcom launches the Zany shop down the line. He will come with his own story mode and personal set of trials for players to complete. The exact launch date for this content has not been announced but it is set to drop before the end of the month.