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First Street Fighter V DLC available as in-game shop launches

by: Jeremy -
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The launch of Street Fighter V was definitely a rocky one. The initial version of the game felt incomplete to many gamers. Thanks to a huge title update for the game that launched this week, that feeling should feel a bit alleviated. SFV has received a couple of major updates this week that bring it closer to being the complete package that fans expected.

In addition to a couple of modes, including character-based trials, being added earlier this week, Capcom has finally activated the in-game shop feature of the title. Along with the launch of the shop, you’ll also find the game’s first downloadable character: Alex. He can be purchased using in-game fight money currency that you have saved up by playing the game over the past two months. You will need 100,000 fight money to purchase Alex, unless you have the game’s season pass which includes the character by default.

Alex is the first of six additional characters planned for this year. Over the next couple of months, we will also see the release of Guile, Ibuki, Balrog, Juri and Urien. The shop also includes a variety of Story Mode Costumes that you can pick up for your favorite character(s) as well, for 40,000 fight money each.

We will have our impressions of the game’s new modes and character later this week!