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Details of the Street Fighter V March update

by: Jeremy -
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Capcom is finally giving uus the details we have been wanting for the massive update due to hit Street Fighter V some time this month. As we pointed out in our review, SFV leaves a lot to be desired in terms of different modes and additional content on top of online matchmaking. It appears as though those things are finally coming.

In addition to a variety of bug and balance changes, you can look forward to the following being added to the experience:

  • Challenge Mode: tutorials and trials for all 16 characters
  • In-game Shop: spend Fight Money to purchase DLC characters (1 available) and Story Mode Costumes
  • New character: Alex returns to the world of Street Fighter

The exact date that the update will launch has not been announced, but it is expected shortly. You can check out the first screenshots of Alex in action below and full details on everything included in the update on the Capcom Unity Blog.