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Broforce leads list of free PS Plus games for March

by: Jeremy -
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The 2016 calendar is getting ready to turn another page as February draws to a close. That means that new games are going to be offered for free to members of Sony’s PlayStation Plus program. I have a to be a little honest, March’s lineup leaves a little bit to be desired.

Here’s what is on top for Tuesday’s PS Store update:

  • Broforce for PS4
  • Flame Over for Vita
  • Galak-Z for PS4
  • The Last Guy for PS3
  • Reality Fighters for Vita
  • Super Stardust HD for PS3

While there are certainly a couple of good games in this list (Broforce is a gem on the PC and Super Stardust HD is a true classic), there are no true headliners on the roster. Plus, I am sure that a majority of gamers already own most of these games. Broforce is a nice addition though, after winning the most recent Vote to Play campaign, and should provide you with some addicting action and a few good laughs.