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Capcom releases a CG trailer for Street Fighter V

by: Nathan -
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Welp, my hype level has reached it's max. Street Fighter V is only a week away and Capcom has released a new CG trailer for Street Fighter V. If this is the opening that will play every time you turn on Street Fighter V, I will probably watch the intro every single time I play. I love the music as well. Check it out below. 

I am really excited for Street Fighter V because I am incredibly excited about the characters that will be available at launch. I never thought we would ever see R. Mika again and I really want to check out Necalli because in my opinion, he looks like the most interesting out of all of the new characters introduced. What I am really waiting for is for my main Juri to return. I know she will be available eventually as DLC. I just hope I don't have to wait too long for her to return. 

Be sure to also check out all of the game modes that will be available at launch for Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V launches next Tuesday, February 16th, for PS4 and PC.