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Check out all of the game modes available at launch for Street Fighter V

by: Nathan -
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Street Fighter V is almost here and while we know all of the fighters that will be available at launch, people want to know what you can do with said fighters when the game is launched. In a new trailer, CAPCOM has detailed all of the game modes and features that will be available on launch here.

Here is a quick rundown of all of the modes available...

Tutorial Mode - This mode will be for those who have never played a Street Fighter game before, or for those who need to brush up on the basics .

Character Story Mode - Each of the games 16 launch characters will have their own arcade style story mode. Completing each characters story mode will make story costumes available to purchase in the shop.

Survival Mode - Battle as many fighters as you can before being defeated. Completing survival mode will unlock new colors for that characters costume. 

Training Mode - Train, train, train. Practice makes perfect after all. There are even new shortcut commands such as the ability to reset fighters in specific positions at the press of a single button. 

Network Battle - Compete in serious ranked matches or stress free casual matches. 

Capcom Fighters Network - Connects all Street Fighter V players together. Want to know a specific persons stats? Just use Rival Search and you can keep tabs on a specific persons skills. 

Those are the features that are available at launch but there will be new modes and features, including the free Story Mode, released in the future. 

Street Fighter V launches in two weeks on February 16th for PS4 and PC.