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Total War: Attila hits the sands

by: Rob -
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Total War: Attila is expanding next week, bringing three new factions to the fray: the Aksum, Himyar and the Tanukhids with the Empire of the Sands Culture Pack. These factions are part of the Desert Kingdoms cultural group and the pack also features new campaign and horde gameplay mechanics, events, enhanced religion features, and adds over fifty unique units to the campaign. The Desert Kingdoms also change the way religion impacts these cultures due the significant impact religion plays on them. So building chains, victory conditions, events, technologies and bonuses are all effected.

I reviewed Total War: Attila back in May and gave it an 8.8. It's an excellent game that is still getting even more new objectives, skills, buildings, religious events, ancillaries and narrative event-chains for each faction. The Empire of the Sands Culture Pack will release September 15th and is available for pre-order on Steam at 10% off. You'll find the release trailer below.