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Street Fighter 5 Beta stress test tonight for U.S.

by: Jeremy -
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Just last week, we mentioned that Capcom was initiating a couple of localized stress tests to work out the issues behind the failure of the initial Street Fighter 5 beta. The weekend tests for Asia and Europe went splendidly, which means that North and South America are up next. Capcom isn’t wasting any time in moving forward and has announced that the tests for these regions will kick off later today.

There will be two days of testing, 8/25/15 and 8/26/15, with servers being online between 4pm and midnight PST. Once these tests have been completed, the full, worldwide beta will be scheduled. As long as you had access to the initial beta test you will be able to partake in this week’s street tests. All that you need to do is make sure that you have the beta client installed and updated to the latest version; if you deleted it, I would highly recommend getting on your system or the PSN website and re-downloading it now so that you are ready to go when the servers go live later today.