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SF5 beta going back online... in Europe

by: Jeremy -
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Capcom has revealed that they are ready to bring back the Street Fighter 5 beta via a series of region-specific tests that will kick off today. After the debacle that was the initial public multiplayer beta last month, the development team has been working tirelessly to fix all of the various issues that took the previous test offline as quickly as it went online.

The first chapter of the new test kicks off in Europe at 16:00 BTS today and runs until midnight. It will run again at the same time tomorrow, 8/21/15 as well. Depending on the results of these two tests, dates and times will be scheduled for both North America and Asia. If and when all three regions have completed successful, regional tests, a global multiplayer beta will be scheduled in line with what was originally planned.

Anyone who had previously downloaded the Street Fighter 5 beta client will be able to participate in these new sessions. If you deleted it, make sure that you go into your download history and re-install the client; if you still have it, make sure that your console has updated the client with the latest patch. As soon as we get online with the beta here in the U.S., we will be sure to bring you our impressions.