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Breach & Clear: Deadline gets a release date, release trailer

by: Rob -
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Breach & Clear: Deadline, the tactical strategy zombie shooter by Mighty Rabbit Studios and Gun Media, is leaving Early Access and will have a full release on July 21st. Breach & Clear: Deadline blends some twin-stick shooting with more in-depth tactical strategy to keep everything flowing and moving brilliantly. It was a fun game to preview in Early Access, but still had a ways to go in my preview from March. I suppose it's ready for primetime now with that official launch in 2 weeks. 

There's the launch date trailer below, but I've age-gated it simply because it gets a little gory with some live footage of various parasites squiggling around some real human hosts. I suppose Zombies ain't cuddly, but this trailer definitely isn't... Breach & Clear: Deadline will retail for $19.99 at launch and is available on Steam.

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