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Predator, new skins and klassic fatalities coming to Mortal Kombat X tomorrow

by: Nathan -
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Last week Jeremy Duff gave us the lowdown on Predator and when he would be hitting Mortal Kombat X.

Today, NetherRealm reveals what is coming in the "Predator Bundle". 

The Predator bundle will of course include the Predator and three character skins including Commando Johnny, Infared Scorpion and Carl Weathers Jax. 

The other interesting thing is that NetherRealm will also be releasing a pack of "Klassic Fatalities" and they are free. The Fatalities will be for Scorpion, Sub Zero, Sonya and Johnny Cage. 

If I had to guess i'm thinking the klassic fatalities will be the following...

  • Sonya - Kiss of Death
  • Johnny Cage - Uppercut Decapitation 
  • Scoprion - Toasty
  • Sub Zero - Spine Rip 

If you don't own the Kombat pack then the Predator bundle will be available to purchase on July 14th for $7.99 or you can purchase by himself for $4.99. If you just want the skins, they will be available to buy separately for $3.99.

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