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One “ugly mofo” hits Mortal Kombat X next week

by: Jeremy -
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First off, excuse the crass title as it is a direct reference to the original Predator film, which is what we are here to discuss. The Predator will join the cast of Mortal Kombat X next week for owners of the game’s Kombat Pack. On July 7, those who threw down the money for the Pack will see both the Predator joining the playable roster and a couple new costumes for the game via the Prey Costume Pack.

The Prey costume pack is based on the original Predator movie and will give you new options for both Johnny Cage and Jax. Cage simply gets a cosmetic Commando costume, but Jax gets the full-on Carl Weathers treatment including new voice overs from the actor himself. The Predator character, as every other fighter in the game, will include three distinct fighting styles: Hunter, Warrior and Hish-Qu-Ten.