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Battlefront reveal to be live streamed this Friday

by: Chapel -
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The Star Wars Celebration event is just around the corner, starting tomorrow, April 16th. It's a 3 day long event, and one that, as a crazed Star Wars fan, I would have absolutely loved to go to. There's a lot going on through those three days, but the thing I'm most excited about is the gameplay reveal for Star Wars Battlefront.

The Star Wars Celebration has added an official page about the Battlefront panel, and it reads as such:

Join the talented team from DICE as they give fans their first look at Star Wars Battlefront and debut the official reveal trailer for this highly anticipated game. Learn how unprecedented access to the Lucasfilm archives and the award-winning Frostbite technology is helping to create an immersive experience that is truly 'most impressive.' DICE will also show fans how Star Wars Battlefront will give them the chance to live out their epic Star Wars battle fantasies.

At 10:30 PDT, the hour long Battlefront panel will begin. My understanding is that the whole event will be livestreamed on, but tune in at this time if you want to see the Battlefront reveal.

Battlefront is far and away my most anticipated game of the year, and honestly maybe even my most anticipated game of the last five years. I love the series to death, and I can't wait to see what DICE can do with it. And with pre-release praise on Twitter seeming so positive, I'm more hopeful than ever. Stay tuned here for my thoughts on the trailer.

Also check below for the current status of the Instagram Trooper. It's missing a seemingly unimportant piece, so we'll see what gets filled in there.

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