Star Wars Battlefront footage promises to "break the internet"

by: Chapel -
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Why does everyone want to break the internet?

A bunch of people that have seen the gameplay trailer for Battlefront have tweeted things that are making me pretty unbelievably excited, if I'm honest, saying that the game's graphics are amazing, gameplay is amazing, and multiple people used the phrase "break the internet" to describe the hype levee breaking come April 17th when the gameplay trailer is at last revealed.

Hopefully the strangely frequent nature of that quote is just a result of internet hyperbole and not some kind of marketing thing. I'm sure everything's fine, but I'm so afraid of being disappointed.

Anyway, conspiracy theories aside, EA has also released some screenshots on their Instagram page eastarwars that form a nice image all together on the page. Very simple, very much a tease, and I love it.

I really hope this trailer is as great as Twitter promises. I'm a believer!