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February’s free PS games revealed

by: Jeremy -
More On: PlayStation Plus

It’s 2015 and the first month is almost over with. This means that a new batch of games are lining up their addition the PlayStation Plus’ Instant Game Collection. The new games will be available on the PlayStation Store with next Tuesday’s update (February 3). Here is what is coming next week:

  • Transistor for PS4 (which Randy LOVED)
  • Apotheon for PS4
  • Thief for PS3
  • Yakuza 4 for PS3
  • Rogue Legacy for Vita
  • Kick & Fennick for Vita

Some of these games are normally Cross Buy enabled (Rogue Legacy), so there is a chance that you can get a hold of the other versions after you download the version that is offered with the program. Check out this trailer below for a glimpse at all of these titles in action: