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Guild Wars 2 Heroic and Deluxe editions are a whopping 75% off!

by: Chapel -
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What an incredible deal this is!

Guild Wars 2 Digital Heroic Edition, and Guild Wars 2 Digital Deluxe Edition are both on sale for 75% off. The heroic edition is $10 as opposed to its regular $40, and the Deluxe is $15 as opposed to its regular $60.

Now, for any game that is an incredible deal, but for a game as phenomenally good and absolutely bursting at the seams with content, it's seriously one of the best deals I've seen in a long time. Travis reviewed Guild Wars 2 at the end of 2012, rating it a 9.5, and it deserves that rating in every way. I'm not a huge MMO player, but I loved GW2. It captured my attention in a way no other MMO (except maybe SWTOR, but that's only because I am obsessed with Star Wars) ever has. I sound like I'm fawning, and I kind of am, but the game deserves it!

Did I mention that there's no subscription fee either? Pay $10 or $15 and the game is yours forever.

If you have any interest in Guild Wars, MMOs, or just fantasy RPGs, it's worth looking into. Here's the link to the sale. Get 'em while they're hot, folks!