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What We're Playing: Project Spark the Evil Within Edition

by: Randy -
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Over a million people signed up for the Windows 10 technical preview. Scientists built a battery that lasts 20 years and charges 70 percent in two minutes. And you can send your name into outer space on Orion's trip to Mars.

What are you playing this weekend?

Russell Archey, staff writer, @NeoScyther
With my review of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel out of the way after spending 20+ hours leveling Nisha, what better way to spend my weekend than to...do it again. Yeah, I'm a Borderlands nut and a fan of all three games, so I'm definitely planning on going through the game with the other characters. Since I've already leveled Nisha through the main story, I'm thinking of going with Wilhelm next, as his action skill seems interesting and I never got the chance to check out anyone else's skill trees beyond Nisha's. I'm also going to possibly start up a new project over on my YouTube channel, a Nuzlocke run of Pokemon Blue. Essentially that means, among other optional rules, that I can only catch the first Pokemon in each area, and any Pokemon that faints must be released or boxed in the PC permanently. Should be a fun time.

Ben Berry, community manager, @Ben_M_Berry
I am, how you say, "outside" this week in Durango, Colorado, for a family wedding. The games I am currently playing: "Let's Trick Ourselves to Get Out of Bed Before 9 A.M.," and "Let's See How Many Microbrews Before I'm Drunk Due to Thin Mountain Air."

Jeremy Duff, senior staff writer, @Duff3c
This weekend should be an all Project Spark weekend for me, as there is just so much to do in this "game." Between playing around with the various community creations and attempting to make my own, I should be pretty busy. Of course, I am sure that I will find the time to squeeze in a Greater Rift run or two in Diablo 3 on the PS4.

Cody Hamby, staff writer, chamby@gamingnexus.com
I will be finishing up achievements in Shadow of Mordor, hopefully getting up to 100 percent, and highly considering whether to pick up The Evil Within to keep the overall October theme in my life at the moment. With what other time I have, I will be diving into a preview of a new fighter that will be detailed within the next few days on the site.

Charles Husemann, editor-in-chief, @chusemann
This week I'll be exploring the nooks and crannies of Krimson City as I go back to check out a few more things in The Evil Within. And then it will be back to Destiny and hoping that they haven't nerfed my beloved auto rifle too much with the new patch.

Randy Kalista, staff writer, @RandyKalista
Just great. Now I'm playing a tiny-tower game. It's...it's Tiny Death Star. The adorable little 8-bit Emperor is on my back about finding adorable little 8-bit Rebel spies. And the problems are manifold. I can't keep Blue Milk in stock at the Mos Espa Cafe. Some Admiral Ackbar-looking jerk is posting ">_<" all over the Holonet because he hates his job at the Millennium Experience. And I just dropped, like, 17 grand on building the 11th floor Rugosa Apartments, and nobody's moving in. I need to read more books. Oh hi, jPod by Douglas Coupland. You're kind of insane. And scary quotable. "People say that everyone can be a success, but you look at the numbers and no, the world is way more about failure and compromised standards than it is about winning." I need to play more video games.

Jeff Kintner, staff writer, @JKTerrezas
I've got some long overdue vacation time coming my way this week, and as much as I'm determined to do as little as possible, I've had a few games waiting for me to get to them for too long for me to ignore them any longer. I've had Kentucky Route Zero staring at me from my Steam Library for a while now, I never did get around to finishing the second quest in The Legend of Zelda, and my girlfriend and I have been on the final levels of Borderlands 2 for about three months now but haven't had time to do the final push. The possibilities are endless—but I know I'll probably just end up watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars and napping on the couch for six days straight.

Rob Larkin, staff writer, @Rob_GN
What will I be playing? Well, I'll be playing FIFA 15 some more. I have to admit defeat in that I turned assisted passing back on, and now I can finally score goals again with regularity. On semi-assisted I had the best goals against in the league but also the worst goals for. I'll also be dipping into Majestic Nights for a bit of preview action.