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Reassembly and Band Saga successfully Kickstarted

by: Jeff -
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To be honest, these two games don't have anything in common other than the fact that I posted about their campaigns a couple of weeks ago, and backed both of them in their final hours. But on the off chance that someone out there read both articles and is curious about their fates, I'm combining this into a two-part announcement.

Part one: Reassembly was successfully funded on October 3rd, 2014!

Reassembly is a space-explorer where I thoroughly enjoyed piecing together my fleet like LEGO ships, and used them to batter my foes into smithereens. You can check out my original impressions here, and you can see what I thought about the updated version here.

Reassembly was backed by 1,711 people and raised a total of $35,308. They beat their original goal of $28,000 by enough to make their first stretch goal, so the full version will include five extra tracks.


Part two: Band Saga was successfully funded on October 1st, 2014!

At first glance, Band Saga appears to be a simple indie rhythm game. But then the aliens, lasers, and procedurally-generated levels come out to play. But here's the part that got me- the levels are generated by music. As you play through the game, you unlock more ways to mess with the soundtrack and influence the way the level is generated. There's something about making music, manipulating levels, and blowing up robots at the same time that really appeals to me.

Band Saga was backed by 1,572 people and raised a total of $31,919. I didn't see them list any stretch goals on their page, but it's good to see them peek their heads over their original goal of $29,000.