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IT'S HAPPENING! GX3 reaches their funding goal with less than two days left

by: Jeff -
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For those who don't know about GaymerX, it's an alternative convention celebrating diversity in gaming- with a special emphasis on the LGBT community. The last time I wrote about it, their future was uncertain due to being cripplingly over budget from their second convention. But thanks to some generous donations, in a relatively short time they went from being deep in the red to potentially doing a third convention.

With 40 hours left to their Kickstarter for GX3: Everyone Games, they finally reached their $80,000 funding goal- meaning that doing a third convention is a real possibility. The final cost for the convention is estimated to be around $159,500, but they project that they'll be able to cover the other half of the cost with sponsorship deals. GX3 is set to take place in the California Bay area, either in November or December of this year. If you want to get your tickets early at a discounted price, or just want to support this celebration of diversity in gaming, check out their Kickstarter page and pledge some money. Oh, and if you're wondering why the name of the convention got shortened to GX, they wanted to simplify the name to encourage inclusivity. Since not everyone attending or participating is necessarily a 'Gaymer'.

Also, shout out to IGN for having a better finger on the pulse than I do, and making me aware that this was even happening.